Atani secures $6M in funding

Atani defies the crypto winter and secures $6M in funding for its new broker

Spain-based crypto fintech startup Atani, is announcing the successful completion of a funding round of $6 million. The round has been led by Cometa, the Mexican venture capital fund, and has been participated by JME Ventures, Conexo Ventures and CDTI, along with a roster of business angels experts in Web3, such as Neil Cunha-Gomes, Head […]

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Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci Retracements: Definition and Usefulness in Trading

Fibonacci retracements are a widely used tool in the trading field. These retracements are based on the mathematical Fibonacci sequence to identify possible reversals of the original move and find support and resistance levels at the levels established by the Fibonacci numbers before continuing in the previous direction. In this article, we will explore in […]

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Fully Diluted Value (FDV)

Fully Diluted Value (FDV): Everything you need to know about

Introduction In the world of cryptocurrencies and investment, it is crucial to understand the key concepts surrounding this market. One such concept is Fully Diluted Value (FDV), which plays a key role in the evaluation of projects and companies. In this article, we will explore in detail what FDV is, how it is calculated and […]

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Best Japanese Candlesticks Patterns

Japanese Candlesticks: Your Complete Guide to Technical Analysis

Introduction In the world of trading, technical analysis is an invaluable tool for investors who want to make good decisions and maximize their profits. Within this analysis, japanese candlesticks play a key role in providing visual information about the price movements of financial assets such as cryptocurrencies, stocks or Forex. In this article, we will […]

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New API in Atani Exchange

Automate your Trading for 2,000+ cryptos with our new API!

We have launched our new API that allows you to trade by accessing +2000 cryptocurrencies with the aggregated liquidity and market depth of Atani Exchange. With our API, you can automate your trading strategies and access real-time data from leading exchanges. If you are an Algorithmic, High-frequency or Social Trader our API gives you the […]

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New trading orders: stop limit & take profit limit

New Trading Orders: Stop Limit and Take Profit Limit

We have enabled advanced trading orders on Atani Exchange – get ready to take your trading strategies to the next level! You will now be able to trade using stop limit and take profit limit orders to give you greater control and flexibility in your trading, helping you maximize your profits and minimize your losses. […]

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The new Atani app for PC

Introducing a new version of Atani Desktop with a renew interface for all ours users.

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Atani mobile app

Discover the new Atani mobile app 

We remain 100% focused on building through this bear market, so we are very proud to present the new Atani mobile app! Atani, the ultimate crypto app Created by crypto investors for crypto investors, Atani is the app we all would have wanted in our hands when we first entered the crypto space. Through Atani, […]

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How to import your Coinbase transaction history into Atani

As you may already know, Atani is the ultimate tool when it comes to trading and keeping track of your entire portfolio, wallets and transaction history. To continue in the same line, we have not stopped working on it. In the specific case of some of the exchanges we work with, the API connection is […]

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Atani Web

Atani Web, a new powerful trading app

In our effort to offer advanced trading solutions that facilitate trading, Atani team has developed a new application, Atani Web. This application is an implementation of Atani’s interface and capabilities that you can access from any browser, either from a computer or smartphone. Thus, Atani Web provides traders with all the tools they may need […]

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