Applying technical analysis in Atani

Applying technical analysis in Atani

Atani has an excellent set of tools designed to make it easy to perform technical analysis of cryptocurrency markets. The intention is to help traders to create cryptocurrency investment strategies that maximize their profit opportunities and minimize their risks. 

In this sense, here you can learn about the different tools that allow you to perform these analyses in Atani. 

Atani Academy – What is technical market analysis?

The technical analysis of markets refers to the study of the realities of a market (stock or cryptocurrency) with which traders seek to predict the future direction of prices by studying historical data of these markets. 

To achieve this, the trader uses a market chart and market indicators, to analyze the set of data provided to him (quotes, volumes, open interest, among others), and make the decision of how, when and under what conditions to perform his operations. 

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Getting to know Atani market analysis tools

Location of the tools

The location of Atani technical analysis tools is right above the market chart area, and you will be able to see it once you enter the “Drawing Mode“, under the name “Indicators“.

Indicators for technical analysis in Atani

Because Atani uses TradingView technology, you will have at your disposal a huge number of technical indicators, each and every one of them fully configurable. In total you will have more than a hundred different indicators at your disposition to dissect the market chart in such a way that you can study it in depth and make your investments intelligently with the help of these analysis tools. 

Indicators for technical analysis in Atani

Applying technical analysis tools in Atani

Now that we know where they are located, it is time to get down to work and learn how to apply them. To do this it is as simple as choosing the desired tool and we will see that it will be displayed on our chart. 

As an example, we will activate the MACD indicator, and we will see the result:

MACD in Atani

In the screenshot, we can see (inside the red box) how the display of our MACD technical analysis indicator has been activated.

Atani Academy – What is a MACD indicator?

MACD or Moving Average Convergence Divergence, is an indicator for technical analysis of markets that seeks to show the trader the trend of a market of interest. To achieve this, MACD uses a series of mathematical analyses that point out the changes in the financial market.

The objective is to study the divergence and convergence of the moving average of the value of an asset in a market, and give a trend forecast to the trader to generate his operations. This technical indicator was created by Gerald Appel in 1979.

Configuration and other options for indicators

As you can see the application of technical analysis indicators in Atani is a very easy task to perform. But not only that, each of these indicators is fully configurable. In this case, each indicator can be adjusted to the values you want to perform a technical analysis of the market under your exact indications, giving you the freedom that you need to perform this type of task. 

In this case, take a look at the following screenshot:

MACD technical analysis in Atani

As you can see, the MACD technical indicator that we activate shows us this information area where we can read:

MACD 12 26 close 9

These are the configuration values of the indicator, and we can change them to the ones we want. Of course, changing these values requires that you know in depth how each indicator works.

For example, you must know how each of these values affects the performance of the indicator. Also, know how to choose the appropriate values for the analysis you want.  In any case, this is the complex part of performing technical market analysis and using indicators. One that will require study and experience to be able to take advantage of these tools.

Adjusting values in the indicator

Now, if we hover over this area, we can see options to hide/display the MACD chart. Also, we can remove the indicator from our chart and configure the indicator values. 

MACD technical analysis in Atani

If we select the configuration, we are adjust the indicator values and the style. This makes it clear that the customization options are very complete. 

MACD configuration

The indicator application is of course not limited to a single type of indicator. You can join several of them together with the drawing tools to have a workspace just as you want it.

For example, in the following screenshot you can see the activation of three different indicators which are:

  1. MACD
  2. Stochastic RSI
  3. EMA
Indicators in Atani

In each and every case you can configure the values and style to suit your needs. 

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