Automate your Trading for 2,000+ cryptos with our new API!

New API in Atani Exchange

We have launched our new API that allows you to trade by accessing +2000 cryptocurrencies with the aggregated liquidity and market depth of Atani Exchange.

With our API, you can automate your trading strategies and access real-time data from leading exchanges. If you are an Algorithmic, High-frequency or Social Trader our API gives you the power and flexibility you need.

How to create an API key?

  1. Log into your Atani account, and go to Settings > API keys management
  2. Click on Create API, enter a name for your API key and click Next
  3. Complete the security verification (Email and 2FA code)

Please check this video tutorial 👇🏻

👉🏻 Here you can find the API Documentation:

👉🏻 Because of this, we updated our Terms & Conditions: