2. Trading & Investing

Here you can find all the topics related to trading and investing in Atani. Everything you need to get the most out of our application.

Learn how to read a live trade feed on the cryptocurrency market using the Atani app

How to read a live trade feed?

Learn about the trade feed and how this graphical tool within the Atani application can inform you about the market reality.

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Learn how to read an order book from a cryptocurrency exchange using the Atani app

How to read the order book?

Learn what an order book is and how this tool can help you in your trading operations within the Atani application.

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Searching assets and markets using Atani

Searching for assets or markets in Atani

Learn how to search for specifics assets or markets within the Atani trading application, in order to be able to trade within it.

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How to customize your watchlist in Atani

How to customize your watchlist?

Learn how to track assets with our Atani application using the watchlist, and get ahead of what may happen in the markets of your interest.

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