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Atani mobile app

We remain 100% focused on building through this bear market, so we are very proud to present the new Atani mobile app!

Atani, the ultimate crypto app

Created by crypto investors for crypto investors, Atani is the app we all would have wanted in our hands when we first entered the crypto space. Through Atani, you have everything you need to trade and monitor your favorite markets.

Trading, portfolio tracking, tax calculation and much more… in a single platform

Through Atani, you can access crypto markets from anywhere. To do this, Atani allows you for free:

Manage your accounts from a single platform

You can add all your exchanges or decentralized wallets to Atani to manage them all from a single place – no more need to access multiple apps or pages at once!

Invest in more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies and more than 13,000 pairs

Access all your exchanges from Atani! Just connect your accounts to be able to trade from the Atani app.

Enjoy discounts with our partner exchanges

If you don’t have an account with any of the exchanges we work with, you can open one through the Atani app and get discounts on your trading operations!

Charting, trading alerts and tax calculation

At Atani we bring you the best tools for trading and investment management:

Enjoy free Tradingview premium tools

Are you passionate about price charts? Do you apply technical analysis to your investments? We have good news for you: At Atani we include charts and indicators from Tradingview, the #1 charting platform for financial assets on the market. In addition, you can enjoy premium indicators, such as the Volume Profile.

Receive alerts by call, SMS and email

Atani includes a powerful trading alert tool: select the asset, the price at which to place the alert and the notification method (email, SMS or even phone call).

Automatically calculate your cryptocurrency taxes

Do you need help to make your trading profit declaration? Atani offers you a tool that prepares your tax report based on your trading operations for a selected year.

Unlock the full power of Atani from your pocket

With the new smartphone app, you can enjoy all of Atani’s crypto features in your pocket with a new visual design, improved interface elements, new menus and new displays that provide the ultimate user experience. Atani users now have a much more modern and intuitive app to unlock the full power of Atani from anywhere.

A new design, visual enhancements and improved user experience

Below, we describe the changes and improvements introduced in the update that users will be able to take advantage of to take their crypto experience to the next level:


From the “Markets” tab, which shows the current prices and their variations for the different cryptoassets, you can now perform quick actions, such as accessing the chart in one tap (by tapping on the asset whose chart you want to view) and other actions by “swiping” an asset to the side:

Swiping the asset to the left:

  • Favorite: Marks the selected cryptoasset as a favorite (it will appear with a small star next to its symbol).
  • Pin: Pin the selected crypto to the top.
  • Add list: Adds the asset to an existing list or to a new one.

Swiping the asset to the right:

  • Alert: Choose for the selected cryptoasset at which price you want to create an alert and select the means of notification (email, SMS or phone call). In addition, you can now set alerts when the price of the asset increases or decreases by the desired percentage.
  • Trade: Go directly to the invest section for the selected cryptocurrency.
  • Details: View the volume of the cryptocurrency along with its price against other assets.


In the “Trade” tab, you can enjoy an improved trading experience, with a new, clearer and more intuitive design and the inclusion of the orderbook on the same screen.


In the “Portfolio” section, you can view the total balance (unifying all your exchanges and wallets), the available balance (here the part of the balance associated with a trading open order is deducted) and filter the balance by each exchange. Another new feature is the ability to hide or show the balance in one tap.

You can also perform quick actions, such as accessing ” Trade” in one tap (by tapping on the asset we want to trade) or “Chart” by swiping to the right on the selected crypto. In addition, as in “Markets”, you can access the other quick actions through the “swipe” gesture.


In the “More” section, you will be able to access extra functionalities, as well as enjoy a visual improvement of the functionalities and a redistribution of the menus:

Alerts: view all your active trading alerts. In addition, it is now possible to edit the alert type.

Open orders: Easily view all trading open orders.

History: Monitor closed orders, swaps and transactions, with detailed visualization.

My Accounts: Review your connected accounts in a separate tab.

Settings: Easily access the Help and Support section.

More to come

We keep working to offer the best trading experience, feel free to email us at with any suggestions!

Stay tuned for updates to your ultimate crypto platform!

All the crypto tools you need in one platform, for free.

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