Get to know all the features of Atani

Get to know all the features of Atani

Atani is a complete and full-features trading application with support for multiple exchanges, which allows you to trade with greater flexibility in the cryptocurrency markets. It has been designed to put at your fingertips all the tools you need for your trading operations. This includes technical analysis capabilities, charting, alerts system, and even the generation of reports for tax payment.

All this huge set of tools makes Atani a unique app, and in order to provide you with all the information about it, we have created this article where we inform you about the different features that Atani has to offer you.

Atani Features

Application configuration

One of the main features of Atani is its enormous capacity to adapt to the user’s needs. The application has a large number of options to be configured and adapted to the needs of both novice and professional users.

Getting started with the application

Getting started with Atani is as simple as going to the official Atani website and downloading the application for any of the supported operating systems (Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux). In all cases the experience of using Atani is the same. This is possible because all the apps maintain the same interface and capabilities. Thanks to this, we can say that Atani is really a true cross-platform application. Even the mobile application (Android and iOS) has unique capabilities that will allow you to enjoy the Atani application from the palm of your hand, using your smartphone.

Atani features

If you want to start a complete tour through all the features of our application a good place to start is our article: How to get started with Atani. In this article you will have all the information you need not only to download and install Atani on your system, but you will get to know in depth each and every one of its main functionalities, workspaces and initial configuration.

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Creating an exchange account

The next step that every trader must take to get started in the world of cryptocurrencies is to create an account in an exchange. This may seem quite a challenge, especially for those who are just starting out in the world of trading. However, from Atani we provide you with some resources that can help you overcome this, helping you to create your own accounts and connecting them to the Atani application.

Atani exchanges support

Among the resources we have, we can highlight:

Creating your first account and connecting it to Atani
Creating accounts in the main exchanges

Security, synchronization and backup

Security is one most important features in Atani. First of all, our application has been designed with the highest security standards in mind, among which we can highlight:

  1. Military-grade encryption for your data (AES-256).
  2. A non-custodial infrastructure and operation, which ensures that Atani does not have control of your assets at any time.
  3. Secure connections through TLS 1.2 and 1.3 to the API Keys of the different exchanges.
  4. Seed phrase system for secure backup and synchronization of clients on different computers and smartphones.

Because security is very important to us, we also have resources that can help you understand our policies and how to protect your data at all times. Among those resources we highlight:

Configuration of the graphical interface (UI/UX)

Atani also offers a wide variety of options that allow you to adjust its interface so that you can feel comfortable with its use. Among these options we can highlight:

Trading experience levels

Trading experience levels are one of Atani’s most useful interface configuration options. Each experience level is designed to offer you just what you need to trade as comfortably as possible, without any elements that may hinder, complicate or limit your trading experience.

A simple selection can give you all the Atani tools to trade like a professional (Intro to Pro Trading Experience and Intro to Advanced Trading Experience), or it can be as simple as possible for those who don’t want to complicate themselves with professional level high frequency trading (Intro to Simple Trading Experience). In any case the level of experience you choose and adapt according to your needs, allowing you total freedom.

Investments and Trading in Atani

Getting started in trading with Atani

Using Atani for trading operations is very simple and can be summarized in three easy steps:

  1. Download and initially configure the application.
  2. Have an exchange account and configure an API Key to connect it to the Atani application.
  3. Start operating.

The ease of use that Atani offers for trading means that you simply have to concentrate on one thing: analyzing the market to get the most out of it. And even at this point, Atani offers you a set of highly integrated tools that makes this job easier. For that reason, if you want to know how to do all this, we recommend you to go to this article where we explain how you can trade with Atani.

Trading alert system

Another important function within Atani is the ability to receive trading alerts via text messages, email and phone calls. This system is design so that you can set up an alert and receive the information instantly so that you can be well aware of the reality and evolution of the market no matter where you are.

If you want to know how to use this system, the following Atani Academy article can help you set up and use this system.

Market information

Tracking and keeping abreast of market information is vital when it comes to trading and having the information you need to make decisions that can propel your strategies to success. At Atani we understand this, and we have arranged several mechanisms that can help you stay informed about the reality of the markets in which you trade. Among these tools we can highlight:

  • Live trade feed, with which you can keep up to date with the evolution of market assets.
  • Order book, to be aware of the orders that are in the market and those that have been execute.
  • Asset or market search, so you can search for those assets you are interesting in trading at any time.
  • Watchlist, so that you always keep an eye on those assets that keep your interest.

Trading orders

In addition, Atani also offers a wide range of trading orders so that you can trade with total freedom and adjusted to your needs:

Technical and chart analysis at Atani

On the other hand, the Atani trading application also has a superset of tools and features that facilitate technical analysis and chart analysis among which we can mention:

Representation of charts

Atani has the ability to allow you to configure and adapt the graphical representations of the markets in completely customized ways, adapting to your needs and particularities. Among these options are:

Charts analysis

The application also has functions that allow you to analyze these graphs and draw on them. Among these functions we can highlight:

Other useful tools we offer are resources to learn about:

All these resources are design to make it easier for you to understand and use charts as an integral part of your trading operations with the Atani application.

Technical analysis at Atani

On the other hand, Atani has a large number of technical analysis (TA) tools that you will learn about in the following articles:

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