Get to know the security measures in Atani application

Get to know the security measures in Atani application

At Atani we are committed to providing you with an application that greatly simplifies your trading operations and, at the same time, offers you the highest level of security possible. So, as part of that commitment, we have dedicated ourselves to creating an application that has all the tools you need, along with technologies that prevent any unpleasant surprises.

But you may wonder what makes our application so special in this regard? Well, let’s take an in-depth look at each of these features specially designed to give you the best security.

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Atani, a non-custodial and highly secure trading application

One of Atani’s primary security features is its non-custodial nature. This allows us to provide you with a product where you can maintain control of your money at all times. This is possible because Atani is a bridge between the user and your funds within an exchange. That is, at no time does Atani have control of those funds.

This means that if, for example, an attacker gains access to your computer or smartphone with Atani, the attacker will not be able to steal your coins. This feature provides a level of peace of mind and security that many appreciate. In fact, it has great significance in a world where we can see cybersecurity being put to the test day after day. This, for example, can protect you from ransomware attacks and other mass attacks that seek to make a profit.

In such cases, Atani and its non-custodial nature offer you the best line of defense to prevent these attacks. Additionally, this strategy is not applied in isolation in our application, but is, in fact, part of a whole set of well-integrated security policies. Among these policies we highlight:

Integrated military-grade encryption

In order to protect the data you have entered into the application, Atani uses military-grade encryption in its app. This is in order to encrypt your data and make it accessible only when you launch the app and enter your authentication data.  This encryption is control by the AES-256 algorithm. This is one of the most secure algorithms today. AES-256 is a de facto standard in Internet communications. In fact, this algorithm is covered by the ISO/IEC 18033-3 and FIPS PUB 197 definitions. A security approved not only by governments, but also by organizations specialized in cryptography and digital privacy.

Security AES-256

Atani uses AES-256 to encrypt all data corresponding to your API Keys and other operational data within the app. This allows us not only to protect your data, but also to maintain the highest level of data security within our no-custody policy. After all, your data should always be on your PC under your absolute control. This ends up giving you greater peace of mind, especially when protecting against attacks that could expose your data publicly.

API Keys, trade with your exchanges in a more secure way

Another great feature of Atani is its use of API Keys to connect to your exchanges through an API. An API is a special access model to the functionalities offered by an exchange or any other Web application. This access is done using requests that go directly from the application to the application server. All this, ithout having to visit and open the web interface of that application. Thanks to this, it is possible to use this API to communicate with a customized application directly from the server.

This API access is generally only performd when this option is enabled within the Web app and together with this enablement, we can select the level of access to the functions. This is a superior security measure, since we can limit the access to the application and allow us better protection of our data. Additionally, to access the API we must configure an API Key, a pair of unique keys that will allow us to connect a custom application, with custom permissions and in a much more secure way, than using a username and password as we usually do on the web.

API Key security measure in Atani

Another additional point of using API Keys, is that the access of our Atani application to your exchange account. Do you want to have  view-only access to your account? You can do so by configuring an API for that purpose and placing it in Atani. This with the result that the app will only be able to see your portfolio and nothing else. That said, API Keys are your best companion for security if you couple it with Atani.

Why is it better to use API Keys instead of the web browser?

Now, you may be wondering why make my life complicated by configuring an API Key and using Atani, instead of going directly to the browser? Well, to put it simply, a web browser is perhaps the weakest point in terms of cybersecurity. Every time you connect to the Internet and travel through its websites, those websites leave cookies and other traces of information on your computer. More specifically, all of this information ends up in your browser’s cache. In addition to that, many websites run hundreds of JavaScript scripts by default to make them dynamic, among other things. All this means one thing: there is a risk that one of those sites runs some malicious code that hijacks your browser and the data inside it, resulting in an attacker being able to access your exchange account and steal your money.

This may seem extreme, but it is real, in fact, a very common attack vector at this point is the well-known CookieStealer, with which they can hijack a session and steal your passwords. And it is not the only way to do it, in fact, there are attacks that can steal user data from your browser. In these cases, using an API Key makes all the sense in the world because:

  1. You limit the use of the browser to manage your exchange account, reducing the security risk.
  2. You can limit the operations within the exchange that the external application can access. For example, imit for view only, or only for certain operations.
  3. The security provided by the API Keys is much higher than that offered by the web login. And, at the same time, it makes access and administration easier.
  4. In case your API Key is stolen, access will be limited by what that API Key can do. In addition, you can remove it at any time so that you do not have access to it. This limits the opportunity for damage to your portfolio, in comparison, if an attacker has access to your login data.

As you can see, using API Keys instead of direct web access makes a lot of sense. And, you can learn more about this in our 10 tips to make your transactions with exchanges and cryptocurrencies more secure.

Seed phrase, backup and secure synchronization between desktop and mobile apps

Another interesting feature of Atani is the Seed Phrase, which allows you several interesting functionalities. First, it allows you to make a complete backup of your account to recover all your data quickly. Second, it allows you to synchronize your different devices. For example, sync your PC or Smartphone, to have access to your account data between those devices. This is because it enables the synchronization of those devices in your possession.

Seed phrase

This functionality facilitates the synchronization of your devices. In addition, it allows you to back up your data and, above all, provides you with an additional security.


At Atani we are committ to offer you not only an app that facilitates your trading operations, but also protects your portfolios. All the measures shown here are just a small part of our efforts in this regard. Moreover, they also clearly show our principle that “your money should always be under your control”. In that sense, we at Atani will always work to protect that principle, giving you access to a quality app so that you can manage your money with total security.

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