How to create a Phantom Wallet for Solana and SPL tokens – STEP BY STEP

How to create a Phantom Wallet for Solana and SPL tokens - STEP BY STEP

Having your own Phantom Wallet is important if you are going to use the Solana blockchain and we are going to explain you how to create one. Here you will find all the links and the step-by-step process to create it and also to retrieve it.

What is Phantom Wallet?

It is a wallet that allows storing tokens SOL, the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain. It is characterized by offering high security and being of a non-custodial type. The latter means that the user is the owner of the seed phrase (or private key).

It has a really simple and clean design, seeking to offer great usability. This wallet offers the possibility of stacking, storing our SPL tokens and accessing our NFT.

The Phantom Wallet is currently available as an extension for Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, such as Brave and Microsoft Edge. Additionally, it is available for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It is also available for iOS smartphones and an Android version should be available soon.

As we said, this is a non-custodial wallet. We are the only owners of the private key of our wallet. If we lose it, we lose all the tokens stored in it. Something interesting is that it is compatible with Ledger hardware wallets.

It should be noted that Phantom currently offers token exchange through the decentralized exchange Raydium. This is the only DEX currently supported by this wallet.

Como crear una wallet para Solana y los tokens SPL

Where to download Phantom Wallet?

The Phantom Wallet is available as an iOS app and as a browser extension. We leave you the different links where to find the application below:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Brave
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • iOS

Currently, the Android version is not available and would be under development.

How to install Phantom Wallet in Brave, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome?

These three browsers are characterized by being based on Chromium, Google’s browser engine (code). As they share the same engine, the installation process is the same. For all three cases the extension is downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Access the Chrome Web Store (in the previous section you have the link).
  2. Click on Add to Chrome (even if we are using Edge or Brave)
  3. We will see a message and we must click on Add extension
  4. Once the extension is downloaded, it will be installed without problems.

After installed, we should see the screen to start the process of creating a new wallet.

It is very possible that you want to have your Phantom Wallet always in view next to the URL. The steps are as follows:

  1. In the upper right corner look for a puzzle piece icon.
  2. Click on it and it will open, showing all the installed extensions.
  3. Next to each extension there is a thumbtack, which we must press so that the extension appears.
  4. The “quick access” is already created

How to create a Phantom Wallet in Brave, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome?

The process of creating a Phantom Wallet, like other wallets in browser extension format, is very simple. There are a few steps that we will detail below. The steps are:

Cómo crear una Phantom Wallet mediante la extensión de navegador para Brave

Click on Create new wallet to create a new wallet.

El proceso de como crear una Phantom Wallet es sencillo y requiere poner una contraseña para acceso rápido

Now we are asked to generate a password. This element is necessary to access the wallet quickly and comfortably without entering the seed phrase.

It is recommended that the password have at least twelve characters combining lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols.

Frase semilla de una Phantom Wallet que debemos almacenar en un lugar seguro, como una hardware wallet de Trezor

The Phantom Wallet generates a random recovery phrase made up of 12 words. It is critical that we store it in a safe place in the order in which the words appear and without forgetting any word. Forgetting a word or altering the order will result in not being able to retrieve our wallet and the stored funds.

Once we have it copied and in a safe place, click on I have saved my secret recovery phrase and click on Continue.

Teclas de acceso rápido de la Phantom Wallet

After the creation process, you will see a Keyboard shortcut message. This is to open the wallet quickly and easily always in our browser.

Cuenta de Twitter oficial de Phantom Wallet y el centro de ayuda por si existieran dudas

Once we have completed the whole process we can click on Finish. Here we are invited to follow the Phantom Wallet Twitter account to be informed of the latest news. In addition, they leave us a link to the Help Center in case we have any questions.

How to log into my wallet using Brave, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome?

The process of how to create a Phantom Wallet, as you can see, is quite simple. Once it is generated, accessing it is very simple. The steps are as follows:

Introducir contraseña para acceder a la wallet tras el proceso de como crear una Phantom Wallet

Click on the icon of Phantom Wallet in the browser bar. It will open to enter the password.

If you have not pinned the extension for quick access, go back to the explanation above.

Interfaz de usuario de la Phantom Wallet

After entering the password, we have full access to our wallet. Here we can check the balance, see the NFTs (if we have them), see the different tokens (if we have them) and we even have the integrated exchange function.

It offers other functions such as the possibility of copying the seed phrase (in case we have forgotten or lost it) and other functions, including naming the wallet.

How to retrieve my wallet in another browser

You may have had to reinstall your operating system or simply changed computers. You may also want to access your wallet from another browser or computer. That’s why we are going to explain how to recover your Phantom Wallet, and consequently, your funds. The steps are as follows:

Before starting the Phantom Wallet recovery, we must install it in the browser. Above are the steps.

If you already have it installed, just click on I already have a wallet to start the recovery process.

It is time to paste (or write) our secret recovery phrase. If we write it incorrectly, it will indicate it on the screen.

If we have lost it we will never be able to recover our funds.


We have omitted the steps where the hotkey combination appears and the screen where the Twitter link appears. These are points that are not relevant in the recovery process and are identical to the wallet creation point.

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