How to customize your watchlist?

How to customize your watchlist in Atani

The Atani trading application has a number of powerful tools to facilitate your trading sessions and among them is the watchlist. This tool is designed so that you can create a list of the assets you are most interested in, and have a closer and simpler follow-up of them. 

This way, you can select the assets of interest and together with the price alerts, you can follow their evolution more closely and stay focused on your strategy. 

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Why is asset tracking important?

Keeping a close eye on assets that interest you is important because it allows you to take advantage of profit opportunities. For example, imagine that a new token has been released to the market, and it has been listed on one of the exchanges where you have an account.

But it turns out that the token has an attention-grabbing target and technology. This means that the growth potential of the asset is high. In that case, as a trader you don’t want to miss the opportunity to invest in this asset. At that point, you decide that it is a good idea to follow up and see how the asset evolves. In this way, you can analyze the market for the asset and decide whether to participate or not.

The same applies if, for example, you have an asset under your interest and even with a long-term investment. However, thanks to the monitoring you see that the asset’s performance has started to decline, and you think it is time to exit the position. In any of these cases, it is asset tracking that will allow you to stay informed about the reality of that market and act accordingly.

How to track assets using a watchlist in Atani?

Tracking assets using a watchlist in Atani is very simple and, in fact, you have several options to do it. In this case, we will show you how to use the tools we have created so that you can take full advantage of them.

Trade tab

The first place to track assets in Atani is in the Trade tab.  In this tab, you will see a section that lists all the assets of the exchange that you have active at that moment. This section is located on the left side of your screen. 

Trade tab assets list

Once you go to this list, you will see that each asset shows its name, acronym, price and the percentage change in price over the last 24 hours. All these basic data of the asset. But in addition, you will see a star symbol. This symbol will allow you to mark that asset as a favorite asset, which you will be able to access more easily from the favorites panel in that same section. This is especially useful for:

  1. Do not perform a manual asset search
  2. Maintain a high interest list of assets for quick reference.

For example, the above screenshot shows the complete list of assets that are on the Binance exchange. But, if we check that only the assets marked as favorites are displayed, we will have a smaller and more manageable list of cryptocurrencies displayed. 

Trade tab watchlist

In any case, the list can be customize entirely by you, and you can access it with a simple click.  In addition, if you want to stop following an asset, it is as simple as unchecking the star next to it, and it will no longer appear in your favorites list.

Chart tab

In the Chart tab of our Atani application, you will have a functionality identical to the one shown in the Trade tab. In this case, the intention is to provide you with several analysis options, and even differentiated spaces that allow you to follow one asset while performing analysis on another, using the Trade and Chart tabs in parallel. 

Chart tab watchlist

Price alerts

Finally, another tool you can use to track assets in Atani is the price alerts. This option is available for use in both the Trade and Chart tabs. 

This tool will allow you to take an asset, set the price at which you want an alert to be sent. This way, when the specified price is reach, the Atani application will alert you.

These alerts are fully configurable. Since they allow you to set the price, the way to receive the notification (SMS, call or email). In addition, they also allow you to delete the alert if you no longer need it. 


As you can see, Atani offers you a complete set of asset tracking and watchlist tools. Our intention with it is to facilitate your work as a trader. This by allowing you to build a list of assets of interest and have workspaces and technical analysis. In addition, having tools to create price alerts that allow you to follow the evolution of the price of the assets of your interest. In short, a whole set of tools to facilitate your work. 

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