How to draw on charts in Atani?

How to draw charts in Atani

Atani has a wide variety of tools that help you to perform chart analysis of the markets using charts and tools to draw on them. The purpose of these tools is none other than to give you everything you need to be able to analyze the reality of the markets. With them you can formulate your trading strategies and put them into practice.

In this sense, here we show you in detail all the tools you have in Atani.

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Chart analysis area in Atani

First of all, Atani has charts analysis areas dedicated to show you all the market information. These charts can be adjusted according to your requirements. Having said that, we highlight the two areas that Atani offers you to perform chart analysis. It is worth noting that this information is directly with the exchange you have connected, whether it is Binance, Coinbase Pro, or any other.

Trade Tab

When you launch Atani, the first tab to greet you is the “Trade” tab. In this tab, you will be able to see directly a chart showing all the data of the selected cryptocurrency.

Main chart Atani

In the screenshot, you can see information of Coinbase Pro exchange and the BTC/USD cryptocurrency pair. Remember, that in Atani you can arrange several exchanges and you can see all information of the pairs availables. 

In any case, this graphical area can be completely customized, and you can use it as a drawing and analysis canvas for your operations. Additionally, under the “Trade” tab you will have quick access to the tools for buying or selling. Also, you have access to your open trades history, trading alerts, the set of available pairs and your current balance. This way, you will be able to perform chart analysis and quickly take your trading actions at any time.  

Chart tab

Another space prepared for drawing charts on Atani is the “Chart” tab. In this case, this tab is specially designed to perform graphical analysis of markets. The main difference between the “Trade” and “Chart” tabs is that we expand the drawing area and reduce the number of tools. All this, in order to focus directly on the information displayed graphically. In addition, the graphical set has additional information in the “Chart” tab that will help you to put yourself in a more advantageous analysis position. 

Big chart in Atani

As for the rest, the options within each of these analysis sections are the same. It is just a matter of choice and convenience when using one or the other in your analysis sessions. 

Chart drawing tools in Atani

Now that you know the two areas of chart analysis, it is time for you to get to know all the chart drawing tools available. First of all, our charting system is powered by the TradingView tool. So, if you have experience with this tool it will be easy for you to adapt.

Location of the tools chart in Atani

You can place the drawing tools on the left side of the market chart shown in Atani. 

In addition, at the top left of the chart you will find tools for setting the chart display. Also, you can see indicators and buttons to undo and redo drawing or analysis operations. 

Tools and indicators technical for charts in Atani

Located at the top right of the chart, you will find other display options (enable or disable the drawing mode). Also, you can change the display time (from 1 minute to 1 month). Other options availables are saving or loading specific charts (for posterior analysis).

Other optios for configure chart in Atani

In the same area, you will also find an access to configure the chart display options. In this section you can change the color settings, change the status line (which displays basic market or selection information), the scale and other appearance values within the chart. 

Visual configuration for chart in Atani

And finally, at the bottom of the chart, you will find a quick access to time ranges that you can display within the chart, or specific moments, which you can directly search for to be displayed within the main chart. Along with this, options for logarithmic, percentage or automatic display. 

Temporal and other options for charts in Atani


Cursors are the basic tool for moving and editing drawings on charts in Atani. These are the ones that allow you to select, move or delete the different graphic elements that you have on the chart. 

They are located in the bar on the right side of the chart, and occupy the first upper space of this bar. 

Cursors for Atani

Trend lines

Trend lines are a fundamental tool that helps the trader in his task of analyzing trends, supports and resistances in the market data of a selected cryptocurrency pair. 

In Atani, a complete set of trend line support is offered, including:

Trend lines for chart in Atani

Gann and Fibonacci

Gann and Fibonacci tools are other basic options available within Atani. These types of lines are used to quickly analyze market data to predict the behavior of an asset at support and resistance lines, as well as to predict upward or downward trends.

In Atani, you can apply the following Gann and Fibonacci tools on the chart. 

Gann and Fibonacci

Geometric Shapes

Atani also offers chart drawing tools using geometric shapes. With this you will have access to a whole set of drawing tools to draw rectangles, ellipse, triangle, polyline, curve, double curve and arc. 

Geometric Shapes in Atani


You also have options for text management, so you can add notes, identifiers or any kind of informative legend you want on the graph or chart you are analyzing. 



You also have Patterns tools, among which the XABCD and ABCD patterns (among others) stand out. These patterns are useful when you want to perform a chart analysis where you want to identify the moments when the market is about to change direction (trend breakout). The idea behind this tool is that you perform an analysis to buy or sell your cryptocurrencies before a trend change starts, making the most of the price before the trend change.

For example, if you perform an ABCD pattern and identify a change from bearish to bullish trend, this pattern can help you predict the exact time of the change, so you can plan a purchase of assets at a low price and take full advantage of the price rise, and then sell (with the detection of a bearish breakout) for better profits.

Other known patterns are Shoulder-Head-Shoulder, Impulse and Triangular Elliott, sine line, time cycles, triangle pattern, among others. With this, Atani has a complete support for this type of graphic tools so that you can use them in the charts of the application. 


Prediction and measurement

Atani also has prediction and measurement tools, which can be used to analyze the creation of long or short trading positions within a market. In addition, they can help you create attention levels, price ranges and price projections according to market data.

Predictions tools

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