How to import your Coinbase transaction history into Atani

As you may already know, Atani is the ultimate tool when it comes to trading and keeping track of your entire portfolio, wallets and transaction history. To continue in the same line, we have not stopped working on it.

In the specific case of some of the exchanges we work with, the API connection is not sufficient to be able to have the detail of past transactions – sometimes, it only enables us the charts and the tracking of the portfolio balances. Moreover, there are some exchanges that don’t even have an API. That’s why we have brought our new tool for Atani Desktop: importing historical transaction data from the Coinbase exchange via CSV files.

Import all your trades and download your tax report

If you are or were a Coinbase user and you want to have the details of all your transactions to date, we are happy to tell you that from now on you can import all your historical data from Coinbase to Atani.

You will unlock the full power of Atani having full detailed information of all your trades, since it allows you to download your tax report without missing any transactions, at any time.

How to import your CSV files into Atani

Import your Coinbase CSV files into Atani

You can import your transaction history in 3 easy steps:

  1. First, go to, select the period that you would like to download and choose the CSV format. You can now generate your file and download it.
  2. Once in Atani Desktop App, go to the “Accounts” section, select the Coinbase exchange, click “Upload File” and select the CSV file.
  3. Head to the “Portfolio” section. In the new “Swaps” tab you will find the detail of all your Coinbase trades.

Please, watch the video above to see the complete process flow.

More incoming

Our team is always working to improve the user experience as well as including as many exchanges and tools as we can.

Stay tuned for more updates on importing transaction history that will allow you to fully track all your transaction data and download your final tax report.

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Download Atani Desktop

Download Atani Desktop and upload your CSV files to track your transaction history