How to read a live trade feed?

Learn how to read a live trade feed on the cryptocurrency market using the Atani app

Among the graphical tools that Atani has to help you in your trading operations is the ability to offer real-time monitoring of the operations carried out in the market. Here we show you what it is and how you can easily read such information, to keep an eye on the evolution of the market.

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What is a Trade Feed?

A trade feed or trade viewer is a space where we can observe the purchase and sale operations that have been carried out on a certain asset within a market or exchange. Basically, it shows us the orders that have been closed, both for buying or selling on the asset we are viewing.

Location and parts of this tool

The Atani trading application has a Trade Feed that allows you to track all trades in a pair of cryptocurrencies. This feed can be found on the left side of the order book as shown in the screenshot below.

This is important if we are performing a technical analysis as it allows us to quickly identify market momentum. That is, it allows us to know if the market is going down (due to a large amount of selling) or up (due to a large amount of buying).

Trade fee in Atani

In this space you will be able to see the following information displayed:

Information in feed
  1. Price, which is the price of the buy or sell order that has been closed.
  2. Quantity, which is the amount of cryptocurrencies that have been bought or sold in the order.
  3. Time, to indicate the exact time at which the order was filled.

In order to read this space correctly you must keep in mind the following:

  1. A price higher than the previous price (a price increase): this transaction is marked with green color.
  2. A lower price than the previous one (a price decrease): this transaction is marked with red color.

The immediate reflection of the orders displayed in the feed trade is seen at the top of the market chart. In the next capture we show this:

Link with market price.

This clearly indicates that this space is related to the market price of the asset. And, therefore, following it will help us to observe how this data evolves over time.

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