How to track your portfolio from your mobile phone with Atani?

How to track your portfolio from your mobile phone with Atani?

At Atani we never rest to innovate and improve our services and therefore, here we will show you all the power that Atani can bring to your mobile. Now the app for Android and iOS is able to do a complete tracking of your portfolio. The idea is simple: you can follow the evolution of the markets from wherever you are using your smartphone.

Register on Atani from your mobile

One of the new features and capabilities we added to our app is the ability to perform a full log in Atani from your mobile. Previously, this required using the desktop app and from there using multi-device pairing. Now, by simply downloading the Android or iOS app you will be able to fully register with Atani and enjoy all of its features from your mobile.

To do this, just open the app and go to an option such as “Wallet” so that it asks for your data to create your account. The interface for this process is very simple as you can see in the following screenshot:

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Enter your email address, which you will then have to verify with a message that will arrive in your inbox from our platform.
  2. Enter your password and its confirmation. Be sure to choose a strong password that provides a good level of security for accessing your application.
  3. Finally, you just need to accept Atani’s Terms and Conditions of Service, and then you can click on “Register” to complete your registration within Atani using the mobile app.

Otherwise, if you already have an Atani account, you can use that account to connect your mobile phone using your login, password and the multi-device seed of the desktop app.

As a final result in both cases you will be able to start enjoying the power of Atani in the palm of your hand using your mobile.

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Monitor market prices

One of the greatest utilities of Atani on your mobile is being able to closely follow the evolution of the markets at all times. If you are away from home or your office, it doesn’t matter, unlock your smartphone, open the Atani app and watch in real time the evolution of the markets.

In the screenshot below you can see a list of the most important coins in the crypto world. Data such as their current price, the gain in the last 24 hours, stand out clearly in your view.

If that’s not enough, the app’s price tracking capabilities are powered to allow you to choose the exchange and market you want to follow, giving you access to every single pair and option from the 20+ exchanges supported by Atani.

The choice is yours, so you can follow each market closely and in a very personalized way as each cryptocurrency is configured individually.

Connecting exchanges

Another power option that you can now enjoy in the Atani mobile app is the ability to connect exchanges. For example, we can connect an exchange like Bitfinex, and after connecting it through API Keys, we will be able to see our portfolio data in that exchange, as shown in the following screenshots.

This is a first step towards adding another new feature to our mobile app, the ability to trade with the app, something we are actively working on to offer in future updates.

Technical analysis with Trading View

Another feature within the Atani mobile app is the ability to perform technical analysis using the full power of the Trading View.

The technical analysis capability is complete, as you have all the tools that are active in the desktop version, including charts, chart styles and indicators.

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Set Alerts

Finally, one of the new features recently added to the mobile app is the ability to set price alerts just like you can do in the desktop app.

In order to create an alert all you have to do is go to the “Alerts” section of the app, choose the exchange (in this case Binance), and the cryptocurrency pair you want the alert for.

Then you must choose the way you want the alert to be made (SMS, Email or phone call) and with the value of the desired alert you just have to click on “Create“. In this simple way you will have created a price alert within the mobile app and you will be able to follow it in real time.

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