How to trade cryptocurrencies on Binance with Atani?

How to trade crypto on Binance using Atani

If you are a Binance user or want to create an account on this exchange, it is good to know that Atani allows you to use this exchange through an API connection. In such a case, to trade cryptocurrencies on Binance using Atani all you have to do is follow the steps below:

How to connect Binance to Atani?

First step: Connecting Binance to Atani

Your first step will be to connect via an API Key the Binance exchange to Atani. This is very simple, the first thing you will need to do is to open your Binance account and go to the settings menu to navigate to the “API Management” option.

Connect Binance to Atani

Once there, you will see the option to create the API key for Binance. At this point, you will need to enter a name for that API, we recommend that it is a clear name that will help you manage your API keys in case you have several created.

API Binance for Atani

In this case we have decided to give it the name “Atani Binance”, and with that we must click on “Create API“. This will take us to the confirmation of the API creation. Binance will ask us for the means of authentication that we have active a series of codes that we must enter. 

These codes in general are:

  1. SMS code
  2. Email code
  3. 2FA code using an app like Google Authenticator or Authy.

If we have these options active, we will be asked for all of them. From Atani, we recommend you to have these security options activated to avoid security problems associated with your Binance account. At the end of the authentication process you will have access to the newly created API key.

New API Key for Atani

Second Step: Entering Binance API Key in Atani

Now with our Binance API Key, we need to launch the Atani application and navigate to the “Exchange” tab.

Exchanges in Atani app

There you will need to choose the “Binance” option, which will take you to a dialog box where you will need to enter the API Key and Secret Key that Binance has provided you with.

Binance exchange selection in Atani
API Key dialog

Enter the data in the correct fields and click on the “Connect Exchange” button. Wait a few seconds while the application makes the connection, when finished, you will see a message like this:

Connected exchange

And that’s it. From this moment on, your Binance account is connected to Atani, and you will be able to use the application to enjoy trading on Binance without worries.

What can I do with this connection?

The connection you have created via API on Binance will allow you to:

  1. Access all cryptocurrency pairs that are on Binance.
  2. Have the same level of liquidity and information that Binance handles, but within a much cleaner application and with additions that will make your trading operations easier (Alerts, Connection with other exchanges, Charts and analysis tools of various kinds).
  3. Manage in a much more comprehensive way all the holdings and their balances within this exchange.
  4. Make buy and sell operations as if you were in native.
  5. Faster access to information, as the API response is much faster than the web interface, which improves trading opportunities.

As we develop the application, you will have new trading features. In any case, we invite you to keep your application updated so you can enjoy all that Atani has for you.

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