How to trade cryptocurrencies on Huobi with Atani?

How to trade on Huobi with Atani

The wide variety of options for selecting a cryptocurrency exchange that provides the services you wish to obtain and, in addition, guarantees maximum security and privacy, is a rather complicated task nowadays, due to the wide range of possibilities that the user has at his disposal.

For this reason it is crucial that the user obtains prior information about the features he wants in the services provided by some of the most important companies in the world of cryptocurrency finance.

Huobi y su web oficial

One of these exchanges that has long been among the first of these options for bitcoin trading is Huobi. It is an exchange founded in China in 2013. And, although it focuses on the Asian market, it can be accessed from more than 130 countries. Unfortunately, for the moment, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and the United States are not included in this list of countries.

This exchange is among the top three in CoinMarketCap’s Top Ranking, with a 24-hour trading volume exceeding 14 billion dollars. This exchange has more than 10 million users that are part of its platform, mostly from the Asian continent.

The quality of service that the company has maintained for its customers has made Huobi very popular. Even more so with the frequent promotions the company offers to attract more investors in the crypto asset ecosystem.

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Start operating in Huobi using Atani

Open your account

As expected, you need to have a Huobi account if you want to perform any financial operation on its platform. The data requested to proceed with the user’s registration are: country of residence, email or phone number and password. Then the platform sends an email to complete the process.

Registro en la plataforma

Once registered, the next step is to go through the user identity verification process (KYC and AML regulations). In this case, Huobi seems to have a higher level of requirements compared to other exchanges.

Although it is normal that the requirements in terms of compliance with some regulations change from one country to another. Different identity documents can be used in this verification process, including passport, driver’s license, military certificate or social security number.

Add Huobi to Atani

If you have already opened your Huobi account and verified your identity, you can add your Huobi account to the Atani application to manage your account in this exchange with the advanced tools and features that Atani provides to its users.

One of the advantages of using Atani is the ease of managing your exchange accounts in a single application. This way, you will be able to use all the functionalities to closely follow the behavior of your cryptocurrency investments.

In Huobi’s profile menu you will find the option “API Management”, as you can see in the following figure. Through this option you will be able to create the API with the necessary data to link the Huobi account with the Atani application.

Creando la API en Huobi

When clicking on this button “API Management”, the system will display a form to collect the information that the user must provide. Such information consists of the Api name, permissions granted, and an optional IP address.

When you click on the create button, the system will immediately send a message with a verification code to the email address used to open the account.

Sistema de autenticación

When confirming the verification, a dialog box will be displayed with the Api information required to connect the Atani application.

Creando en la API

This information must be copied and pasted in the respective places of the Atani form to be able to connect to the Huobi account.

Registrando Huobi en Atani

And that’s it! Once you have successfully connected your Huobi account with the Atani application, you can start trading from an application that gives you all the comforts to work on your crypto investments without worrying about having multiple windows open on your computer screen. With Atani we have everything in a single application.

Payment methods in Huobi

One of the most outstanding features of Huobi is the diversity of options when it comes to making a payment. This exchange has more than 90 different ways to pay, among which we can mention: Banesco, BBVA, Western Union, Apple Pay, Mercado Pago, SEPA, PayPal, Lemon Cash, Ualá, AirTM, Google Pay, among many others.

Cryptocurrencies can be purchased using Visa or Mastercard credit cards without burdensome commissions. On the other hand, depositing and withdrawing digital assets has never been so easy, you just need to log in from your wallet.

Something else to add in favor of this exchange is the possibility to trade with a wide variety of national currencies, such as US dollars, Argentine pesos, British pounds, euros, yuan, Japanese yen and more.

Security at Huobi

According to the company, security is one of their strengths and they claim that the platform has never been hacked. They have invested a lot of resources in security measures, and in fact have gone through several third-party tests. They have two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption for emails and email and SMS notifications.

Users’ funds are stored in cold or offline storage. In addition, the exchange wallets are monitored 24/7 so the team can intervene immediately if there is suspicious activity.

Fees and commissions

Huobi’s trading commission is 0.09%, one of the lowest in the market. As for the fees for deposits and withdrawals, they vary according to the type of cryptocurrency you choose. Here you will find the commissions and withdrawal limits of the exchange for each of its digital currencies.

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