How to trade cryptocurrencies on KuCoin with Atani?

How to trade on KuCoin with Atani

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has recently appeared on the cryptocurrency market. Through this exchange, users can easily carry out their transactions and negotiations in the field of crypto finance, using an intuitive transaction system and live graphical quotes.

Despite how easy it may be to trade in KuCoin, it is highly recommended that users have a basic knowledge of online trading activities to be able to correctly interpret the information presented in the development of these activities.

Web oficial de KuCoin

KuCoin has its own cryptocurrency, the “KuCoin Share“, as well as a wide range of currencies with which users can trade, in addition to other functions that will be mentioned later.

Atani also includes the KuCoin exchange, so users can connect to this exchange. This connection between Atani and the exchanges it supports is done through an API. Thanks to this, it is easy to connect KuCoin to Atani and enjoy this exchange from the app.

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Create your KuCoin account

Registering on the KuCoin platform is a really simple process and very similar to the registration system of other exchanges .

Registrándose en KuCoin

After clicking on the registration button the system will present a form. Enter your email address, password, repeat password, among other data. Next, the KuCoin platform will ask for an activation code to be entered. Then we must open our email and click on the link that will direct us to our already activated account.

As in other exchanges, users will not be able to trade until they have a positive balance of cryptocurrencies in their account. At the moment the platform does not accept any other type of money, apart from cryptocurrencies and the US fiat dollar.

Once the user has registered on the KuCoin platform, he can choose the “Deposit” option located in the submenu on the right where, in addition to depositing, he can exchange his currencies for a wide variety of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Once selected the user will get in the wallet view a QR code and an address that will serve you to deposit your money.

In this site it is not exclusive to deposit large amounts of money, since it is possible to start trading with very small amounts of money, such as amounts below 10 dollars (something totally advisable for those who are just starting in this type of market).

Add KuCoin to Atani

To add the KuCoin account to the Atani application, the first thing to do is to create a new API on the KuCoin exchange, this option is located in the “BT” menu enclosed in a circle at the top right of the computer screen. See the following screenshot:

Creación de API Keys

In this screenshot you can clearly visualize the “API Management” option. This option allow you to create the necessary data to connect the Atani application.

To manage an API, the user’s identity must be verified by one of the methods offered by this exchange. These methods are KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundry). Once these requirements and the data for the creation of the API key have been fulfilled, the only thing left to do is to copy and paste the API key in Atani.

Once the connection between Atani and your KuCoin account is established, you will be able to start buying and selling cryptocurrencies on the exchange, with the certainty that it has the most advanced functions in the world of crypto-asset finance.

Conectando a Atani

One of the great advantages of using Atani is that the user can perform trading operations in an integrated way. This includes easy use of all advanced trading tools. All this gives the user the possibility to concentrate on the trading task and forget about the rest.

Services provided by KuCoin

Among the services provided by KuCoin, there is the currency exchange service, which is quite simple to use. But you can also find a loan service for larger transactions. Additional, a forward investment system, similar to how the stock exchange works, a rewards system. Finally, a pooling service and a staking service, as well as 24/7 support through the live chat offered by the platform.

Exchange and platform

The exchange in this KuCoin is quite easy to perform. Once the user has cryptocurrencies deposited in his wallet, he can proceed to buy and/or sell in the markets section. In the market he will be able to observe in real time the quotation of the different currencies.

You have the help of the exchange value expressed in percentages, in green and red color depending on whether the currency rises or falls with respect to the one you own.

Depending on the exchange rate fluctuation, the user will be able to choose the currency he/she wants to exchange (the one he/she already has) in order to make a profit. The platform is based on TradingView, the undisputed leader in the cryptocurrency market.


Margin is a trading system in which the user will be able to borrow tokens or currencies from KuCoin. This in order to trade for higher profits. The margin available is up to 10:1 or 10%. And this means that you can increase your buying power up to 10 times. Keep in mind that trading with leverage is very risky and is not recommended for inexperienced traders.

In addition KuCoin also has Futures Contracts, a service that resembles the stock market. Another service that can also be found in KuCoin, is a token lending system. This system allows users to generate profits through the interest earned by making currency loans to other users. This type of service is called “Lend”.

Commissions and fees

It is relevant to know that KuCoin does not charge deposit fees. However, commission charges will apply, depending on the currency, to the payment or withdrawal of these.

The basic transaction fees are 0.10%. Fees are updated daily and are valid for 24 hours. Credit card transactions are usually charged much higher fees, in the order of 5%.

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