How to trade cryptocurrencies on OKX with Atani?

How to trade on OKX with Atani

The emergence of cryptocurrencies in the financial world has become a milestone in the history of finance. In this sense, there are many people who are investing in the cryptocurrency market every day. Undoubtedly, the trends allow us to predict that this way of doing business will gain more enthusiasts in the future.

The aforementioned reasons make it imperative the need for the emergence of companies that provide financial services related to cryptocurrency trading. It is worth mentioning that these companies provide security and confidence.

In this environment, OKX -formerly known as OKEx- arises as an improvement of the exchange known as OKCoin. The wide variety of cryptocurrency pairs that OKX offers for trading. In addition to futures trading where traders can optimize their strategies and flexibility when making deposits, make this exchange the preference of many beginners and advanced traders.

OKex web

This cryptocurrency exchange is positioned in the top 10 leaders in the world of crypto-asset finance, and provides advanced financial services to various traders worldwide, through Blockchain technology.

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OKX is one of the largest trading volume digital asset exchanges, with millions of users in more than 130 countries. A prime example is its BTC futures trading, which has nearly $1.5 billion in daily volume. For this, OKX is widely recognized, and marked as the most valuable industry standard.

OKX trading into Atani

Among the different exchanges supported by Atani you can see the presence of the OKX logo marked with the colored oval in the screenshot below.

OKEx in Atani

Atani allows you to connect the services of the OKX exchange. And thus, to perform the operations of this exchange from an application that has advanced tools and features, which undoubtedly will enhance your chances when carrying out your financial operations in this popular exchange.

The exchange has more than 500 trading assets available, surpassing the more than 300 offered by Bitfinex, although it is well below the almost 1000 available in its direct competition Binance. For this reason it occupies the 13th place in the world ranking of exchanges according to CoinMarketCap and has a daily trading volume of approximately 2,000 million dollars.

This exchange is one of the oldest in the market and also offers a wallet service (digital currency wallet). OKX is one of the main players in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading market, as in addition to spot trading it also offers futures margin trading. It is an international exchange with presence in more than 130 countries, with its head office in Malta, a very important hub in today’s digital economy.

Create your account

The process required to open an OKX account is quite simple and can be completed in just a few minutes and with a few easy steps. By simply entering your email address or your phone number you will be on your way to creating an account with this exchange. You can click on the following link to go to the Sign up page.

Once you enter your email address in the previous screen, you will be presented with the following screen shown in this screenshot:

OKEx sign up

OKX allows the user to subscribe both using their email address and from their cell phone, in addition to supporting subscriptions via Google and Telegram. Once you have signed up on the OKX page, you will be presented with a screen like the following screenshot.

First page in OKEx

As you can see in the dialog box that appears, you must have cryptos in your OKX account to be able to perform operations from this exchange. To place cryptos in your OKX account, you have the option of passing cryptos from another account in which you own cryptos, or buying cryptos directly using your local currency.

Discovering the potential of OKX

From OKX you can perform many typical operations in the world of cryptocurrency finance. The range of OKX properties is quite wide, so a wise suggestion is to take a good tour of the functionalities that this exchange offers.

If you combine the potential of OKX with that of Atani, your performance as a trader will be really impressive. This because you will be joining, on the one hand, an application that enjoys wide prestige worldwide, for its advanced features and functions dedicated to the realization of different operations in cryptocurrency trading. And, on the other hand, an exchange whose ease and flexibility to perform financial operations with cryptocurrencies have placed it among the leading exchanges worldwide, based on the volume of liquidity handled per day.

Security and privacy is another aspect that both Atani and OKX have taken great care of. OKX is among the few exchanges that have suffered attacks that put its users’ assets at risk. This indicates that it has withstood the litmus test of any company of this nature quite well. While Atani offers its trading services on the philosophy of non-custodial accounts. That is, there is no way for financial information to be traced, especially the capital under management.

Like other exchanges, the user must comply with a verification procedure once he has subscribed to OKX. All in order to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations.

KYC verificaction

This is a good point to decide which type of account suits you. This because OKX does not allow the opening of two types of accounts simultaneously.

Depending on the type of account that is select, the data request at each step will be provided until the information necessary is complete. This process will also allow the user using all services in OKX.

Connect exchange to Atani

Once you have completed the exchange verification process, you can proceed to create an OKX API that will allow you to link your exchange account to the Atani application. You can also request the creation of an API without going through the verification process, although this is not recommended.

API Keys

As you can see in the previous screenshot, the option to create an API is located at the end of the list. Clicking on this option will display another screen showing the list of APIs created in the exchange.

Clicking on the “Create API Key V5” button will display a form requesting the name of the API you wish to create. Type a password for the API and optionally the registration of 1 to 20 IP addresses. Once these data are provided, the system gives you a summary of the API creation.

API Keys in OKEx

You must copy and paste both the API Key and the Secret Key and Password to the form that Atani. This data needed to establish a connection between the application and your OKX exchange account.

Once you have completed this process you will have successfully connected your OKX account with your Atani application. And therefore you will have at your disposal a whole artillery of tools specially designed to undertake your trading tasks.

Conectado exchange to Atani

Operations in OKX

OKX offers you a wide range of possibilities to carry out your financial operations in the world of cryptos. From the typical operations of buying/selling cryptocurrencies to the visit to a space for learning about cryptos. This spaces is “Academy”. Here you can know basic guidelines are provided about what OKX is and how to carry out operations. Another curiosity of OKX is that it allows the creation of sub-accounts from a general account.

OKX developers are always looking for new functionalities to implement in the platform of this exchange. This in order to provide a better service to its users. As part of this search for better conditions for users, OKX is currently offering a new feature called Unified Account.

Unified Account Management, also known as Portfolio Margin, is an innovative product feature. That is not usually offer by traditional exchanges. This type of account will allow smarter risk management for users of all levels of trading experience.

Users will be able to enjoy a variety of benefits with this type of feature called Unified Account. Quoting from the OKX exchange Academy:

“Compared to classic trading accounts, the Unified Account offers a more seamless experience for users in account management. Users can transfer their assets and review transaction history more easily in the Unified Account.”

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