How to trade on with Atani?

How to trade on with Atani is a cryptocurrency exchange that is part of Gate Technology Corp, a company with extensive experience in the cybersecurity sector. Thanks to this, has become one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the ecosystem, offering a clean interface, very liquid markets and the peace of mind of having your funds well protected. was born in the city of Hong Kong in 2013 and currently offers its users the modest sum of more than 140 digital currencies along with more than 1300 exchange pairs. In addition, has set up its headquarters in Virginia, United States, where it has been able to obtain a NY Bitlicense that allows it to operate legally in the country. es uno de los grandes exchanges del mundo cripto

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Among the main features of we can highlight:

  1. Use of TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 technology for connections to the web interface. Both protocols guarantee a very high level of security and encryption for your connection to the exchange.
  2. Main purse divided to keep your users’ funds safe.
  3. Instant deposit and withdrawal capability for cryptocurrencies.
  4. Two-factor authentication (2FA) security systems.
  5. Low trading commissions. In addition, we offer commission-free deposits and very low trading and withdrawal commissions.
  6. provides wallets for all account holders free of charge.
  7. Ability to perform margin trading and C2C trading.
  8. Platform to perform HODL and gain interest in blocked cryptocurrencies.
  9. A system of grants (Grants) that developers can opt for to make the next big blockchain project within the community a reality.
  10. NFT custody with NFT Box.
  11. Native applications for Android and iOS smartphones.
  12. Ability to connect via API Keys.
  13. Staking for ETH 2.0 managed directly by the platform.
  14. Native token (GateToken – GT) that allows its holders to enjoy special discounts and other benefits on the platform. Account Registration and Verification

The first step to register in the exchange is to go to its official website and look for the “Sign Up” button, which is located on the upper right side of your screen. By clicking on this button you will start the registration process within the platform. web page oficial

You will immediately begin the registration process which in its first step will present you with the following form where you will be asked for the following data:

  • Country or region where you live
  • Username within the platform
  • Email
  • Password
Comenzando el proceso de registro en

In addition to this, there is also a summary of the countries and actors that are not allowed to use the platform, including the states of Washington, New York, and countries such as Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, the Government of Venezuela, Crimea and Thailand. It is important in any case that you check very well the conditions of use of the platform and the countries allowed.

In addition to this, will ask you for a funding password, which will protect your account for account withdrawals:

Clave de fondos

With all this, the next thing to do is to finish the account creation verification, which involves opening the email you entered, taking the code that will send to it and completing the account verification process. Once this is done, you will finally have a account ready to be used.

Configuración de

Verifying and securing your account

Once registered, the next steps to follow are quite clear:

  1. Secure your account by activating 2FA
  2. Perform KYC.

Both steps are very easy to perform and here we will show you how to do it.

Activating 2FA

To activate 2FA just go to the section:

Activación del 2FA en

From there you will need to click on the “Two-Factor Authentication” option, so that you can begin this process. You will then be taken to a page where you will start the process by clicking on the “Click Here” button. Before you start it you must have the Google Authenticator, Authy or Microsoft Authenticator apps installed on your smartphone. These apps will be important to perform this process.

Activación del 2FA, inicio del proceso

After clicking, we will start with the process, in which you must:

  1. Scan with the app the QR code that appears on the screen.
  2. Enter the code generated by the app, your funding key (created at the beginning) and the confirmation code that will be sent to your email.
Paso final para activar el 2FA en

With all these data completed, we will finish activating 2FA in

Activación completa

Performing KYC verification

To perform the KYC verification, just go to this section and click on “Verify Now”, this will start the process.

KYC en

This will take us to the verification system where you will be able to choose between “Individual” or “Organization”, two different types of verifications designed for individuals or companies. At this point, we will choose the individual case, but if you are a company you will have to choose the organization case to be able to operate.

Opciones de KYC en la plataforma

The verification process is quite simple and only requires two steps:

The first one is to complete the identity data shown in the following image:

  • Country where you live.
  • Full Name along with your confirmation.
  • Type of identity document (Driver’s License, ID or DNI, Passport)
  • Document number
  • Upload two photos of the document as indicated.
Inicio del proceso de KYC en

The second step is a selfie as specified in the following image:

  • It must be a selfie with your face clearly visible.
  • Your ID card visible on one hand.
  • Your ID handwritten on a blank sheet of paper in the other hand.
Segunda parte del proceso de KYC

By uploading this data you will be starting the verification process and when you finish it you will have your KYC completed in

Creating an API Key in

Creating an API Key in for use in the Atani application is also a simple process. First you must go to the configuration menu and look for the “API Management” option, by clicking there you will be taken to the API system. has two API systems (v2 and v4 respectively), the system automatically takes you to v2, which is the one you can use in Atani. However, you should keep an eye on news in case this interface is deprecate, which will lead to an update of our application to adapt to the v4 version.

In any case, the process is simply to enter your fund key and your 2FA to access the API Keys.

API Keys en

Once you have done this you will see the API Keys which you will have to add to Atani to start operating.

API Keys en la plataforma

Just open the Atani application, search for the exchange and enter the API Key data that is in the exchange, with that you will be able to connect to Atani and start operating in that exchange. en Atani

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