Introducing the Advanced Trading Experience

Introducing the advanced trading experiencie

One of the most recent changes within the Atani application is the Advanced Trading experience. This level of experience seeks to give our users access to a specific set of tools to help them in their operations. But, at the same time, simplifying the interface and making it easier to use our application.

But, What changes does this new Atani option bring? Well, discover with us the changes it offers and learn how you can configure it within your application.

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Activating the Advanced Trading experience in Atani

To activate the Advanced Trading experience in Atani, the first thing you must do is go to the configuration menu. From this menu you will see the option “Choose your experience”, there you will have available a drop-down menu in which three levels of experience are shown:

  1. Simple
  2. Advanced
  3. Pro
Menu configuration

To activate the Advanced Trading experience, just select the “Advanced” option, and click on it. With that, the Atani application will start to reconfigure itself to show the interface and the selected experience level.

Default interface in Trade tab

Finally, you will only have to close the menu and you will have this new experience in Atani.

Exploring the Atani Advanced Trading Interface

This new interface and experience configuration within the Atani application has some interesting changes. Specially for people who have good knowledge in technical analysis. Thanks to this, this option keeps most of these tools at your disposal to use when you need them.

That said, let’s start exploring these changes and new configuration options within the application.

Renewal in the Trade tab

The first obvious changes can be seen in the “Trade” tab. In this case, and with respect to the Simple Trading experience, we have chosen a more professional market chart using a candlestick chart by default. Additionally, the chart has greater options for timelines and price tracking. Even, the ability to change the interface to enable a drawing area integrated with the trading tools provided by TradingView.

In the following screenshot, you can see the elements of the default and basic view of the Advanced Trading mode.

Info chart

In fact, by clicking on the “Show order book” button you will be able to add the display of this element to the default interface of this level of experience.

Order book in Advanced Trading experiencie

However, if we activate the drawing options in the chart we can quickly see how the interface adapts and shows us new options in this mode:

Drawing tools

Thus, at this level of experience, you regain access to technical analysis tools, all with a few simple clicks.

Changes in the trading form module

At this point we have kept the same operating scheme of the Simple Trading mode. That is, we have simplified this module to offer you only two types of market orders: market orders and limit orders, which are supported by all exchanges within Atani.

Trading form

Thus, if you make use of this trading experience you will be able to make buy and sell operations using these orders. This way you will be able to adjust your investment strategy in a very simple way.  In any case, if you want to change the type of order you want, just click on the order selector. This selector is located in the box shown in the following screenshot.

Trading form limit orders in Atani


The Advanced Trading experience is perfect for Atani users who have a good knowledge in technical analysis. But who, at the same time, do not want to complicate themselves with special orders within the exchanges and their particularities. That said, the Advanced Trading experience is a compromise between simplicity and flexibility, giving the user the widest set of tools possible, and the options to enable or disable them when needed.

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