Introducing the Pro Trading experience

Introducing the Pro Trading experiencie in Atani

One of the options of the Atani application is the selection of trading experience, with Trading Pro being the most advanced of all. With Trading Pro, Atani offers you its full trading potential to the fullest, which includes all the drawing tools, technical analysis and market orders available within our application. In short, we are talking about a complete professional trading experience, supported by our application and all the tools and features we have developed for it.

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Activating the Trading Pro experience in Atani

In total Atani presents three levels of trading experience that you can activate as you wish from its configuration menu. These trading experiences are:

  1. Simple
  2. Advanced
  3. Pro

In this case, we will activate the Trading Pro experience for which the first thing to do is to navigate to the configuration menu as mentioned above. Once in the menu you will see the “Choose your experience” section, where you will have a drop-down menu from which you can choose the option of your preference.

Pro Trading in Atani

At this point, as shown in the previous screenshot, we have chosen the pro level and we can quickly see the configuration of our interface.

Pro trading interface in Atani

Atani Trading Pro experience features

If you are an Atani user, you will surely recognize Atani’s Trading Pro interface. In fact, it is the same interface that the application initially had by default.

This means that the interface you are used to is the same as in Trading Pro, and among the tools you can highlight:

  1. Full support for charting and technical analysis tools in both the Trade and Chart tabs.
  2. Support for selecting desired time intervals on market charts.
  3. Full support for trading orders supported by the exchanges in the buy and sell or trading form module. This includes Take Profit, OCO and other specialized orders.
  4. Complete view of the exchange order book.

That said, the Trading Pro experience allows you to enjoy the full potential of our application, feel free to enjoy it.

Why change the default experience in Atani?

The idea behind this is to offer you greater flexibility and simplicity. Specially, for choosing which tools you want according to the level of knowledge you have. This helps to smooth the learning curve of our application. And, at the same time, offers a much more user-friendly experience to our users.

If you are a novice user, your first impression will be decisive for learning how to handle a trading application. In that sense, the Trading Simple experience level offers these users the simplest interface. Thus, as you gain experience, the other levels (Advanced and Pro) will allow you access to more advanced tools. All this without having to reconfigure anything and, best of all, with the same level of security and quality that Atani has been offering since its beginnings.


Atani is an application designed to offer you comprehensive trading solutions. And, among those solutions is to adapt to different levels of the user’s trading experience. From the most novice to the most experienced, Atani has everything you may need. And our application continues to improve constantly thanks to the feedback of its wonderful community.

Thus, these new configuration options of our interface are designed to facilitate your access to the cryptocurrency markets. If you want to invest in a more traditional and light way, the Trading Simple experience is perfect. But, if you want more advanced options, Advanced and Pro are there for you. In the end, it all comes down to your power of choice.

Finally, enjoy Atani and its unparalleled multi-exchange trading experience, we are sure you will be amazed.

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