The new Atani app for PC

Our development team is pleased to present a new version of Atani Desktop. In it, we bring several novelties, among which we include a new and renewed interface for our application with a single purpose: to make the experience of trading with Atani more pleasant and uniform.

Atani Desktop, an all-in-one for crypto trading

Atani Desktop reaches its version 14.14.2 available for download on Mac operating systems (with support for Intel processors and the new M1/M2), Windows and Linux (through Ubuntu and its Snap Store). In this way, all major computing platforms can enjoy our application, allowing any user to operate by taking advantage of the suite of tools offered by Atani.

Among the improvements that this new version brings we can highlight:

  1. Improvements in the management of lists of your cryptocurrencies. In this way, you can have all the cryptocurrencies that you are interested in following or in which you have investments, in order to be able to follow their evolution at all times, providing you with the most useful tool for a trader: price information.
  2. The “Trading” tab interface has been redesigned to make it easier for you to make investments and track their evolution over time. With these improvements you will now be able to create buy-sell orders more intuitively.
  3. We have also added improvements to the “Portfolio” section. Among the visual improvements is a redesign of the section along with a history that makes it easier to follow the orders you have placed.
  4. We’ve also added a new security feature, two-factor authentication (2FA). In this way you can further protect your account and application by preventing hackers from targeting you.
  5. Enhancements to our Atani Desktop are not only available for our Desktop app, but also for our Web version, so you can enjoy the same experience on that version of Atani.

New enhancements from beginning to end

Atani Desktop enhancements start from the home screen of our new app.

Atani Desktop and first screen

From the login screen to the home screen of the app, the improvements in the interface stand out at a glance.

Atani Desktop dashboard

Two-factor authentication (2FA), one of the new tools in the release, can be enabled by going to the “Settings” section and then clicking on “Security”.

Atani Desktop configuration and 2FA support option

The option to generate watchlists is also easily located, allowing you to create customised lists that you can then use to track your favourite cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Atani offers default watchlists, such as “Fiat”, which includes fiat currencies, or “Stablecoins”, which is made up of cryptocurrencies that are pegged to fiat currencies. Atani’s pre-created lists are easily identifiable because they are accompanied by the Atani logo.

Alerts and watchlist in app

By clicking on the “New list” button you can create a new watchlist and add all the assets you want to follow to this list. This way, you can create your own lists at any time, and with a single click you can see how the cryptocurrencies you are interested in are evolving.

Creating a watchlist in the app

With the new interface of the “Trade” tab you have at your fingertips all the tools to take your trading to the level of a professional.

A powerful tool for cryptocurrency trading

With these new improvements, our development team seeks to make Atani evolve to the needs of our users and thus turn our application into a powerful cryptocurrency trading tool. All this while we maintain Atani under the same principles that have distinguished us:

Atani Desktop in a nutshell
  • A non-custodial trading app: Our servers and employees do not have access to your API keys and your funds are held securely on your exchanges and wallets.
  • Military grade encryption: API keys are encrypted and stored locally on your device using military-grade encryption (AES 256-bit).
  • Tradingview tools: Atani has integrated the entire set of tools and indicators from TradingView so that you can carry out operations and market analysis professionally. It even includes premium tools such as the VPVR indicator.
  • KYC is not required: Your privacy is key to us. We do not require any personal information, you just need an email to register.
  • Two-factor authentication: The new version offers 2FA access using apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, Bitwarden, and any other OTP-compliant app.
  • Account protection: Atani supports passwords of up to 30 characters. In addition, you can set a PIN code with anti-keylogging protection to access your account with ease.
  • +70 accounts supported: Also having support for +40 exchanges through API keys and managing 30 blockchains directly. This makes Atani a high-level multiportfolio tool, which allows for unique portfolio management.
  • Multilingual support: You can use Atani in the language of your choice.
  • +13,000 pairs: Support for over 13,000 thousand trading pairs, enjoying the app’s ability to display trades in the local currency of your choice.
  • Tax reporting: Ability to track operations in your portfolio together with the history of the exchanges. Thanks to this, Atani is able to offer you the ability to make tax reports, facilitating the task of filing taxes and complying with the regulatory frameworks of your locality, and all of this in an integrated and free way with our application.

More to come

And the best thing is that we keep improving our app with each iteration, so follow us on our social media to keep up to date with our new versions and improvements. Feel free to email us at with any suggestions.

Stay tuned for updates to your ultimate crypto platform!

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