Synchronizing Atani desktop and mobile apps

Synchronizing Atani desktop and mobile apps

Atani has a powerful desktop application available for Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOS OS and also has apps for Android and iOS. In this way, we have options for you to enjoy our app on those devices you own. But not only that, we have a unique and secure mechanism that allows you to synchronize all those devices with Atani. That way, you can have access to the same information on each of them, at all times, and at the same time, make a backup of the data of your apps that will be under your control.

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Seed Phrase, a security measure and the gateway to synchronize devices

Atani has a security and backup measure that we call Seed Phrase or Backup Keyword. This option consists of a series of 24 randomly generated words that you can use to create a backup of the app’s data, so that you don’t lose anything. But this seed phrase also has another utility: to synchronize your devices with the Atani app.

You have two computers with the Atani application downloaded? Well, seed phrase is the key to synchronizing the two Atani applications and having the same level of access on those devices without having to configure anything at all. That the devices are from different platforms? No problem, seed phrase will do the same job no matter what platform you run the Atani app on. This means that you can quickly link devices to your trading tools, and always have access to your accounts from wherever you want. The best part? Seed phrase maintains the non-custodial security model of our app, allowing you to stay in control of your data at all times, no matter what.

Accessing the seed phrase

To access Atani’s seed phrase, all you have to do is go to the application’s “Settings” menu. Once there, go to the “Security” section as shown in the screenshot below:

There you will be able to see the section “Backup -Multidevice“, this is the option that will allow you to see the Atani seed phrase. For security, the seed phrase is veiled in order to protect its content, to see the content you just have to click on the “View” button and the content of the 24 words will be shown.

However, you should be very aware of the following caveat:

Store this seed phrase in a safe place. Do not save the seed phrase on your computer or any cloud storage service. Remember, whoever has access to the seed phrase will have access to your portfolio and will be able to use it according to the permissions you have enabled in the API Keys.

That said, you can store the seed phrae for safe backup, or simply to synchronize new devices using that seed phrase.

Synchronizing devices with the Atani seed phrase

To synchronize devices with the Atani seed phrase all you have to do is access the seed phrase as mentioned above, and install the Atani application on the new device. In this case, we already have the Windows desktop version installed, and we will synchronize the Android version. In that case, all you have to do is install the Android version of the Atani app (or the iOS version in case you are using an iPhone), and enter your login details (email and password).

Once this is done, the new application will indicate that you are connecting a new device to an active account and will ask you to synchronize both devices. At that point, go to the seed phrase of the desktop app and enter the 24 words in the Android (or iOS) app.

When you finish entering the 24 words of the seed phrase, just click “Next” and the synchronization will start. At the end of the process, you will see how your exchange accounts have been enabled on the new device allowing you to operate normally.


Now we will give you some security recommendations for multi-device management:

  1. Be sure to keep applications protected either by username and password, or by PIN. This will prevent unwanted access to applications, which is especially useful if you use mobile versions.
  2. If possible, use secure authentication on your mobile devices (PIN of 6 or more numbers/letters or fingerprint reader, do not use facial unlock).
  3. Remember to configure the API Keys of your exchanges to enable the least amount of permissions you need. Thus, if for some reason you lose a mobile device with Atani, you reduce the risks of misuse of your wallet and you will have a better chance to revoke the access of those API Keys.
  4. Keep an eye on what you install on your devices and be proactive with your devices’ digital security.

These simple recommendations will help you a lot to have the best experience using the Atani application on multiple devices.

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