The best free alternative to Shrimpy

The best free alternative to Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a paid platform that has been operating since 2017. Since then, several alternatives to Shrimpy have emerged that, while retaining equivalent – and in many cases better – features, are for free. The best example is Atani.

Unlike Shrimpy, all products and services included in Atani (Multi-Exchange Trading Terminal, Portfolio Manager, Real-Time Alerts, Charting and Technical Analysis, Tax Reporting, etc.) are 100% free of charge.

Free features and the lowest fees

Thanks to partnerships with some of the most important exchanges (Binance, OKEx, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Poloniex…), Atani offers its users the lowest trading fees on the market when opening accounts with these exchanges through Atani.

Atani not only charges NO extra commissions for trading on the exchanges connected to the platform, but also provides transparent information about the commissions charged by each exchange.


The platform will add more advanced features in the future -e.g. access to the Developer API- which will be paid at a cost.

Atani: The best alternative to Shrimpy, for free

Below is a comparison between Shrimpy and Atani, its current best 100% free alternative:


Portfolio management
Operating Terminal
Basic Orders
Take Profit Orders
OCO Orders
Real-Time Alerts
Supported Exchanges18 (5 max with lowest plan)22
EncryptionFIPS 140-2 validated HSMsMilitary encryption (AES-256)
Secure (Non Custodial)
Tax Reporting
Available in English
PriceStarting at $19 /month (with limits)Free (all included)


Atani, in addition to offering most of the services offered by Shrimpy, is secure (non-custodial platform) and has several extra features, but totally free of charge.

Click here to start using Atani securely and for free.