Visual chart settings in Atani

Visual chart settings in Atani

The chart settings in Atani offers a wide number of options. The intention is to give you not only a huge level of customization or to organize your workspace in the most convenient way for you. But also, to present these elements in a clearer and more concise way so that you can perform your operations comfortably. 

In this sense, here we present to you all the customization options and chart settings that you can work with in Atani.

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Chart configuration and settings in Atani

Location of options in Atani

First of all, we will show you where the configuration elements and settings for the charts are located in Atani.

At the top of the chart you will find the options for choosing time intervals (from 1 minute to 1 month). You can also find the drawing mode and visualization mode, and functions for loading and saving charts for further technical analysis. Additionally, you can find the option to display the chart in full screen, create a new chart or clone it. 

Charts settings in Atani

Just below these options, we find the first configuration module, which affects the display of the chart or market graph. 

Charts settings menu in Atani

When you click on it, you will be presented with a series of settings to modify the chart displayed in the Atani application. 

Options into chart settings Atani

We will see these options later on so that you can get to know them in depth. Next, at the bottom of the chart you will find options to change the display of the time span of the chart (from 5 years to 1 day). And, you will also see a second section where you can change the display by percentage, logarithm and automatic display of the chart. 

Time settings in charts

Finally, you will see the options to change the chart type, located at the top left of the chart, where you can change the type of chart displayed. 

Types charts in Atani

Now that we know the location of all these elements, let’s start examining how they work. 

Adjusting the visual appearance of charts in Atani

If you want to make adjustments to the visual appearance of the charts in Atani, you should go to the configuration panel and click on it. At that point, you will see the “Chart Settings” box.

Settings charts in Atani

The first option in this menu allows you to configure the display and colors of the “Symbol“. In this case “Symbol” is the way in which market information is graphed and represented. If you use a candlestick, line chart or whatever you choose, the shape of the display will change along with the options that appear in this section.

To see this, look at the difference between the screenshot above (using candlestick chart) and the screenshot below (using area chart).

Other options for chart style

As you can see the options change, but the result is the same: altering the way we can see the chart in our application. In any case, you can choose the colors and the visualization that best suits you, store those values or return them to the default settings whenever you want. 

In addition to these values, this part of the configuration will also allow you to change the way you can display the status lines, the scales of the chart, the precision and even the time zone used. 

Chart display settings in Atani

Another possible setting in Atani is the ability to change the way the chart is displayed. In this case, in the following screenshot you can see where this option is located and the different settings available. In any case, you can choose the representation form you like the most. 

Once chosen, you can alter its display (colors and so on) by accessing the configuration menu explained in the previous section of this article. 

Chart styles in Atani

Changing temporary settings in Atani charts

Another feature within Atani is the ability to choose time spans for displaying market information, and even choose a custom time span. These options are located at the bottom left of the application’s chart. 

Time settings in Charts

There you can choose from predefined options or create your own time span. This tool is excellent if you want to see how the market has evolved or want to do some backtesting.

For example, the following chart is a visualization of the LINK/USD market on the Coinbase exchange for the last 6 months.

A chart in Atani

Other useful options

You’ve probably been navigating the sea of Atani chart options and settings as you read this article. In that case, you have probably changed the appearance of the chart a lot and want to return to the original state of the chart. 

Well, you can do this with two options:

First, if you right-click with the mouse on the chart it will show you the following menu:

Other options for charts in Atani

There you have the option to reset the chart to a previous display state. This option is useful if for example you want to undo a display time lapse, a change in scale or zoom, without deleting any drawing you have done on the chart. 

Secondly, if you have changed the chart’s color palette or other options, in the chart settings menu you have the option to return everything to the default settings. Here is an example of this function:

In this first image we can see some changes in the chart color palette.

Chart in Atani

If we want to return to the default option, we just have to go to the graph configuration menu, and click on the option shown in the following screenshot.

Options and settings for chart in Atani

The result is that we will recover the default display of our chart without problems. 

Restore chart in Atani

So you can know all the power of customization and settings that Atani offers for its charts or market graphs without any fear, adjusting the values according to your convenience. In addition, if you want to apply drawing tools on your chart, Atani also has everything you need for that.

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