What is an OCO Order?

OCO Order in Atani

An OCO Order, is the acronym for “One Cancel the Other Order“. This is a type of conditional order that allows the trader to place two trading orders at the same time. So that, given market conditions, one order or the other will be filled. Generally speaking, an OCO Order is the combination of a limit order and a stop limit order, whose conditions will allow only one of them to be executed.

The main advantage of this order is that you can specify very specific conditions, under which your orders can be executed. For example, you can create an OCO Order, where you specify that if the price of an asset reaches a given value, a limit order to buy or sell that asset will be executed. And, at the same time, you can pair that limit order with a stop limit order, where you specify that if the price of an asset reaches a given value, so that the price falls below a given point, a sell order is triggered at a given price (or even a market price) in order to reduce your losses.

This allows the trader to automate tasks and be able to focus on other analysis tasks on other trading pairs in which the trader is participating, as the trader has the peace of mind that the OCO will do exactly what the trader needs to do exactly what it is instructed to do in the pair where it has been configured.

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Important aspects of an OCO Order

A trader may wish to use an OCO Order for trading in the process of retracements and price breaks. For example, if a trader observes that there is a price breakout (at a resistance or support), he can program an OCO Order, in which he programs a buy stop order and a sell stop order to program the entry to the market, following the best entry conditions.

This is very useful, for example, when the price of an asset oscillates a lot within a price range. If the trader observes this behavior, he can create such orders to enter at the lowest price, and stay in the range. In addition, you can exit when the price exceeds one point, taking the profits of the operation. On the other hand, if the price falls below the range. For this, the trader simply exits and keeps the loss at a minimum, waiting for a new market opportunity.

How to use an this order in Atani?

OCO Orders are specialized operations that are supported by some exchanges. In fact, a well-known option with support is Binance. Thanks to the fact that Atani supports Binance, you can use this type of orders without problems.

To do so, all you have to do is to enable the exchange, and look for the OCO option. You can see this option in the Trading Form of Atani app.

A OCO Order in Atani using Binance exchange.

There you will see the different fields of information that you must complete to execute an order of this type:

  1. Limit, in this case, it indicates the value of the limit order that will be created for the OCO Order. You must be attentive to place a limit value according to your trading objectives.
  2. Stop, this will be the marking value of the second order. With it you must indicate a value at which your second order will be activated, the stop limit.
  3. Limit (of the second order), where you must indicate the price at which the second order will be placed. This order being triggered by the stop value indicated.

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